Eats: Franco Manca, Nationwide (MSM)

Money Saving Mondays

Week 4: Franco Manca

🍕 All Pizzas only £6, TODAY

🍕 (If you miss it, Groupon has 2 courses for 2 Adults only £19.50 7 days a week until 30th April – click here)

🌱 Vegan options available

📆 Monday 20th March (for the £6 deal)

⏰ 12pm to 10pm (Dine in only)

📍 Nationwide

Two #6’s at Franco Manca, Exeter

Just a quickie #MoneySavingMonday today because it’s been Mother’s Day and we’ve had family over all weekend. So if you (like me) don’t fancy cooking today because it’s Monday and you can’t be bothered, here’s some good news: If you dine in at Franco Manca you can get ANY pizza, including the specials, for only £6! That’s a saving of up to £5.20 per person (if you only have one pizza per person that is 😈)

The Yorkshire fennel sausage

On my last visit (pictured) I went for the Number 6: Organic tomato, cured chorizo [Natural & Iberico] & mozzarella. It was tasty and I’d 100% go back and have it again for six quid! 💷

Should you miss todays offer there’s an incredible Groupon offer which you can literally purchase moments before you step through the door, present when they seat you at the table and voila! Two courses for two adults at only £9.75 per person (with the option to add up to 3 kids at £5 per head, a discount of £2.50 on the regular price).

Groupon Menu

If you went for the priciest options that’s a saving of up to £6.65 per adult. When we tried the Groupon menu recently the portion sizes weren’t diminished from the regular menu. I tried the Aubergine Parmigiana and the Baked free range Yorkshire fennel sausage, organic tomato, mozzarella & wild broccoli. Almost felt a bit pizza-y without the base (heavy on the tomato & mozzarella) but both tasty and enjoyable without being too heavy – I didn’t want double wheat at lunch! Regular menu here for comparison.

There are a lot of incredible indie pizzerias out there but I believe Franco Manca to be one of the better UK chain restaurants. If money is tight (which it is for most people right now) and you want a treat, these are two incredible value deals that I think it’s handy to know about.

Hope that helps, and that you have a great week.

Thanks for reading.

Lizzie xxx

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