Eats: Pizzucci, Bristol (MSM)

Money Saving Mondays

Week 3: The ‘Weekday Deals’ at @pizzuccibristol (AD)

🍕 Special One: Slice, Salad & Soda for £9

🍕 Special Two: 11” Cheese Pizza & any Beer or Soft drink for £11

🌱 Veggie friendly (Vegan cheese extra 💰)

📆 Monday to Friday (From March 16th)

⏰ 12pm to 5pm

📍 5 The Promenade, Gloucester Rd, Bristol

Last week I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the latest addition to Bristols bustling pizza scene – Pizzucci! Opening officially this Thursday (16th), it’s a pizza bar which also has an arancini menu (🤩🤩🤩), frozen cocktails (amongst other beverages), bomboloni, tiramisu and soft serve gelato from the geniuses at Swoon.

We had:

🍸 Frozen Margaritas

🇮🇹 Diavolo Arancini – Fra Diavolo, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, Mint, Basil, Crushed Chilli, Arborio Rice & Provolone

🇮🇹 Suppli Arancini – Beef Ragu, Grana Padano, Arborio Rice & Mozzarella

🇮🇹 Funghi Arancini – Mushroom, Grana Duo, Truffle Oil, Arborio Rice & Provolone

🍕 The 11” Cheese – Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Grana Padano & Pecorino Romano

🍕 The 11” White – White Sauce, Garlic Oil, Caramelised Onion, Grana Padano & Pecorino Romano

🧄 Garlic & Herb and BBQ Dips

🍩 Dulce de Leche Bomboloni

🍋 Lemon Cream Bomboloni

In terms of pizzas, I expected them to be good when the team behind Bosco are involved – and they didn’t disappoint!! 😋 It’s a ‘build your own’ affair to an extent, the menu has a ‘basic’ Cheese or White which you can have as is (as we did) or add toppings to (for a fee). There’s also a classic pepperoni! They come by the slice, a standard 11 inch or a monstrous 16inch (great for sharing!).

I thought I’d prefer the Cheese but actually the White was incredible too, making it hard to choose a favourite – the caramelised onions took it to the next level though 😋 Naturally also had to try the dips (made fresh daily)… I’m actually salivating as I write thinking of the garlic & herb 😂 SO good. And a decent size pot too! (If I’m paying for a dip it needs to be big enough!!)

As much as I was excited for the pizza, long time followers will know I have an arancini obsession, so when there was a choice of three, naturally I was going to try them all! 😆 I’m not a mint lover so the Diavolo was a bit out of my comfort zone but tasty, I’m just not sure I’d order again… I’d definitely get (lots of) the Suppli and the Funghi though – the latter being a surprise as I’m not a truffle fan either, but the balance was perfect with the oozey provolone!

We washed it down with the frozen margaritas… which were insanely good. Like a margarita slush puppy 💛 I’d go back just to have these! Although let’s be totally honest I’d never be restrained enough to resist arancini and pizza.

For dessert because I’m doing lent I missed out on the chocolate and hazelnut gelato (😭😭) but the bomboloni were a delight! You get three per portion so they’re good to share (although you have to fight over the last one unless you order two lots like us), the lemon packed a proper zingy punch.

In terms of the atmosphere, the playlist was a hit and we loved the vibe – mirrors and neon lights galore, graphics on the ceilings, dineresque seating etc.. It felt very ‘cool’ (the kids will rip it out of me for that 😅). Ideal date night venue or catch up with friends – I wouldn’t bring Bea on an evening but older kids like our boys would be fine. Service was fab, really friendly but not over bearing. Happy to give you a pizza box for leftovers (important).

You can see the regular all day menu and prices for yourself in the pics, if you’re on a budget then you have two weekday daytime options. Special 1 will save you up to £2.50 and special 2 will save you up to £3, so not the biggest savings but every penny counts and you could put the money saved towards an arancini or a dip, both of which I’d really recommend you go for!

I think it’s pretty evident that I loved my visit and would happily go back. It’s straight forward to get to from Clevedon, it’s less than a 30 minute drive or you can take a bus to Bristol station followed by a 20 minute walk if you’re getting your steps in (hi 👋) or an easy hop on a bus up Gloucester Rd. (From April nights out will be even easier too as the later bus is being reinstated midweek 🙌🏻) If you’re already in Bristol then I’m sure you’ll know what you’re doing 😆

Hopefully all that helps. And if you want to try it for yourself, then don’t forget it doesn’t open until the 16th! Thanks for reading.

Lizzie xx

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