Eats: Mollie’s Diner, Bristol

We were lucky enough to be invited to try to the new menu at Mollie’s recently – although with us having been busy it’s actually been out since March – so maybe ‘newish’ is more appropriate 😅

EVERYONE there seemed to have milkshakes so obviously Madame had to get involved and was much approving. Apparently they were ‘extra thick’ 😋 Altogether we had..

🥤Strawberry Milkshakes

🍸 Passion fruit Martini

🍷 Picpoul de Pinet, France

💛 Sweetcorn Fritters w/ Chipotle Mayo

🍗 Popcorn Chicken w/ Pineapple BBQ

👧🏻 Kids Chicken Tenders & Fries

🍔 Double Bacon Cheeseburger – double patty, baconnaise, American cheese, bacon, lettuce & tomato

🍟 Waffle fries

🧀 Mac & Cheese

🐟 Fried Cod Sandwich, Buttermilk Ranch, American Cheese, Pickles

🍟 Sweet Potato fries

🍪 Baked cookie dough w/ vanilla ice cream

🍨 Mollie’s knickerbocker glory, strawberry, jelly, milk ice cream, custard, sprinkles

I seem to be unlucky with Mollie’s and every time I visit the weather is awful (I’m talking biblical – huge hailstones and thunder or monsoon like rain etc) ☔️ But because the windows wrap around two sides of the building, it still always feels bright and welcoming, and makes you forget how horrid it is outside! Which is always a great start to any meal ❤️

And the meat itself was delicious! Highlights included the popcorn chicken – chunkier than you’d find at a rival fast food outlet and actually tasted like real chicken (bonus 😂) Plus I loved all the different sauces, especially the chipotle!

In the cod v beef debate… I had half of each so it’s really hard to choose 🤷🏼‍♀️ I really enjoyed the double cheese (hello baconnaise 🤤) but a fish burger is harder to find in Bristol – can’t even think where I could get one?! – and it was an excellent example, the batter was light and crunchy.. Slightly off putting it was so messy with the tomato in there but I didn’t much care because it was delicious and what burger isn’t?! So I’d probably go for the fish if I wasn’t able to share..

Although actually maybe I’d need a whole Mac & cheese to myself because that was probably my favourite thing?? One of the best I’ve had locally (even better than the one I had at Mollies Christmastime). But id need a bucket of coke to offset the food coma 😅 Fries wise, the waffle fries won it for me… but I think I’ve gone off sweet potato in my old age/was never that bothered in the first place 🤷🏼‍♀️

Dessert… I’ve been waiting for the cookie dough to hit the menu since attending an event in November where Head of Food Kate Brooke-Green mentioned it was coming, and our waiter made it even more of a challenge telling me 99% of people cannot finish it. Devastated to say I’m in the 99%!! 😭😭 It was huge!! I’d probably have preferred it if the skillet was smaller so the dough was thicker and less cooked but that’s personal preference – I like my cookie dough underdone 😋 It was still tasty but definitely could have shared rather than having one to myself. (Didn’t try the Knickerbocker but there were no complaints!!)

Service as always was great… The staff always seem very happy and are always very friendly with Bea (whether we come in via an invite or of our own accord). There’s a huge mix of clientele – I spotted families, friends, couples (young and old) and solo travellers and it’s easy to see why, there’s something for everyone. We’ll be back soon for sure 🙌🏻

Thanks for reading!

Lizzie (& Bea)


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