Eats: Feast, Clevedon (MSM)

Money Saving Mondays

Week 2: The Wednesday Deal at Feast

🍽️ Included: Two Burgers, One Main Loaded Fries & 2 Soft Drinks

💰 £15pp (or £17pp if you’re dining in and fancy a boozy drink 🍸)

🌱 Vegan options available

📆 Wednesdays

⏰ 5pm to 9pm

📍3 Old Church Road, Clevedon

I love Feast 💛 (Which is why I’ve written about them before, previous article here.) I also love having a bit of everything and sharing so I feel like this deal was practically made for me 😋 I’m lucky that I have a burger sharing hubby and friends so my personal choice would be to go 50/50 with a loved one, probably one beef and one chicken (the bacon stack and the buttermilk katsu stack) and then sharing the pulled pork dirty fries. In fact this is exactly what I did on my last visit despite the deal not even existing at the time 😂 (may have also been totally enabled and ordered a full size Mac and cheese between us too, though it definitely wasn’t necessary. Thank goodness for doggy bags!)

If you go for the same burgers and fries as me with a soft drink you’re saving £3 cash plus your beverages are free of charge, so pretty much a tenner. If you dine in and go for the alcoholic option you’d potentially save a bit more? Would depend on your choices 🍻

Just writing this and reviewing my pics is making me want to plan a return visit (anyone game to join me!?). The burgers are fab, the service is always with a smile (even when things are hectic) and it’s brilliant with the kids because they have the games room, board games on the table and hello – an ice cream bar! 🍨 (Counting down the days til Lent ends and I can order the cookies and cream with kinderella sauce 😭)

If by chance you cannot be tempted by some of the tastiest dirty fries known to mankind and you’d rather just have a burger – or three? – it’s worth noting you can get 30% off burgers on a Sunday. Also it’s two for £12 on cocktails, all day everyday that they’re open. Here’s to eating out as much as much as my purse reasonably permits! Happy Monday 🍔

Thanks for reading

Lizzie xxx

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