Eats: Mrs. Potts Chocolate House, Bristol

So the day before we visited Mrs. Potts Chocolate House I read a review on Instagram that said Mrs Potts was ‘too chocolatey’. Needless to say as a firm believer pudding should only ever be chocolatey (unless it’s apple pie), I thought this person was clearly a bit bonkers visiting somewhere that calls itself a Chocolate House! So not to state the obvious.. but yes, there’s A LOT of chocolate at Mrs Potts….  (Their instagram is epic btw – see for yourself here).

Chocolatey Goodness!

And chocolate makes me joyful. So yes, it was always likely that I was going to enjoy Mrs Potts Chocolate House… But what’s it all about? As a non tea/coffee drinkers this is my ideal type of cafe – a chocolate filled one!! (That’s not to say they don’t have either, they do, plus other soft drinks if you’re that way inclined). Centrally located you’ll find it at the bottom of Park Street.

The counter at Mrs. Potts

The idea at Mrs Potts is there’s an ever changing range of choccy inspired desserts – primarily featuring cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and then with a range of hot chocolates and milkshakes on offer. It’s counter service, so you go up to have a nose at what is available, place your order and they’ll bring it over.

On both occasions I’ve been it can very quickly go from quiet to busy and vice versa! So be prepared you may have to wait a few minutes to grab a seat, that said once you have ordered even during busy periods service is speedy and very much with a smile. Us hopping tables from the courtyard up to a window seat also didn’t phase the team – so bonus points there!

Classic Hot Chocolate with a Milk Dipping Pot plate

When you enter there is a counter that has three vats of molten chocolate that can be poured on any of the desserts – in milk, dark or white chocolate, or you can chose one of these as a dipping dessert with a choice of strawberry, banana, home made marshmallows or madeleines to accompany. On this visit I decided I wanted a ‘lighter’ option and went for strawberries and home made marshmallows with milk chocolate.

Close up off chocolate dipping joy…

One of the brilliant things about Mrs Potts is the quality of the chocolate – to me it’s notable at say, a Christmas Market, when you have churros and the molten chocolate is cheap and nasty… Not so here. It tastes premium quality and every mouthful is a pleasure! Homemade marshmallows were a lovely touch too – my step sons hadn’t seen them before and were a bit dubious as they didn’t look like ‘normal’ ones but both agreed on sampling that they tasted infinitely better.

Not both for the Birthday Boy (though he would have finished them off given the chance)

Milkshakes I am not a fan of – but my three musketeers had one each and all enjoyed, particularly the solid chocolate around the glass! (Which they tried valiantly to try to eat afterwards, with limited success….)

The Nutella Cookie

Hubby went for (with a little coercion) a newer addition to the menu – thanks @cupcakeicingsugar for the heads up – the Nutella cookie. A warm cookie with a Nutella centre, served with ice cream, a drizzle of each of the melted chocolate on offer plus a chocolate coin. Which I obviously had to try. And can confirm was delish!!

Molten Cookie (pic from our last visit)

The kiddos both went for the ‘original’ molten cookie, as on our last visit Theo had it and Wills had dessert envy… Although last time Wills had the Dolce De Leche brownie and enjoyed it, both boys agree that the cookies have the edge! Shot of said brownie below in case you’re curious…

On my last visit I had the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (pic below) but not having room on this occasion, I decided to take some of the Chocolate Dream Cake home to sample from the comfort of my own sofa. The team provided a little box for the walk back and a little pot of the molten choc too!! Heavenly!

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Our visit yesterday (April 28th) was the husbands first visit – the boys and I were sneaky last time and went when he was on a course, oops! – and we were lucky enough for it to have been gifted to us. However last time I treated the boys and was pleasantly surprised at the prices – on that visit we had the cookie with ice cream, brownie and gigantic slab of cake and it came to less than ten pounds. Of course if you go for it and have hot chocolates and milkshakes etc then costs do add up but even then these are priced in line with average Bristol prices for similar products.

Milkshake Close Up

As a non milkshake fan, my criticism would be that were I not pregnant – I would have really wanted prosecco with my chocolate goodness! I am a huge fan of a glass of fizz with cake, I don’t think you can beat it. But fizz means a license and would potentially change the vibe, so I get why they haven’t done that… but maybe that’s something to think about for the future? (Baby is due in July guys, just FYI 😉)

I did have a hot chocolate but I am also a big water drinker and my other bug bear would be although it’s fab filtered water is available, the glasses are teeny tiny and I’m up and down like a yo-yo getting it! Bigger glasses would be better. But I think both of those are personal preferences, I’m not sure anyone drinks as much water as I do!

Hot Choc Menu (and three happy chocolate lovers)

Speaking of hot chocolate… If you’re a fan, there is – as you’d imagine – a lot of choice! (See pic above). I went for the classic, and it was really tasty. I can’t stand watery hot choc but this was chocolatey milky goodness.

Hubby and the dipping pot (with the one strawberry I permitted him)

So overall I think it’s pretty obvious – we enjoyed! As I mentioned earlier, this visit was gifted but this has not swayed or influenced this post in any way. No one at Mrs Potts was able to check this content before it was published, as usual it was just my husband, so yes if you spot any typos, please let me know… And I’ll swiftly tell him off for not having told me about them.

The Verdict

Food: 8
Service: 9
Ambience: 8
Overall: 8/10

Where: 20 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JA

Thank you for reading!

Lizzie xx


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