Eats: Bottomless Pizza and Prosecco @ Sup & Chow, Cheltenham

Last weekend, I went to Cheltenham for a belated birthday meal for bestie @jen.on.tour.  As a fellow pizza fiend, she’d been wanting to try the ‘Unlimited Pizza and Prosecco’ deal at self styled community pub Sup & Chow for quite some time – and what better excuse to go than a birthday?!

The Deal

It’s £25 per head and everyone on the table must partake for the offer to be valid. Your table must be prebooked (call 01242 521736), and there is a two hour limit, which starts from the moment the first glass is poured. Your glass cannot be topped up more than once in eight minutes, which was not an issue even for us hardened prosecco quaffers!

Unlimited pizza – to share between the table, so you have your own handy side plates!

As a table of five we could order a maximum of three pizzas at a time to share, as that’s the max they can get in the oven. Presumably a larger table could order more at a time, but you’d be waiting for some each time due to oven capacity. Everything must be eaten before the next order is taken, and nothing may be taken away with you.

The Verdict

First thing to consider when you do a deal like this  – is the prosecco!! I can’t tell you which brand it was, or whether it was DOCG, because I’m still new at this blogging and writing malarkey and forgot to check 🤦 (or could have been the fizz? 🤷) but in my personal opinion (and that of my fellow diners), it was a good one. And it was plentiful, with no one ever having an empty glass! With our table being somewhat out of the way we were a little worried that service would be lacking but on that front, but we were well served, with staff topping up the fizz regularly.

Obligatory Prosecco shot.

In terms of pizza, there were eight to chose from, which pleased the faux birthday girl, who said she loved the variety. That said, on the day we visited they were out of chicken, which meant if you weren’t a fan of pork but wanted meat you’d have been very limited on choice – the majority of options feature some form of chorizo/sausage/ham etc… Thankfully though I’m all about the piggies! In fact we enjoyed the ‘Rock the Parma’,  featuring rocket and Parma ham, so much that we ordered it twice. It was generous with the meat and the balsamic drizzle separated it from similar offerings at other pizzerias.

‘Rock the Parma’

We also shared ‘The Works’, featuring Speck Ham, cured Italian Napoli Salami and fennel sausage, which was tasty too (so much so we failed to get a single shot of this pizza – or again, maybe that was the fizz?) but in my mind you just can’t beat a classic Parma and rocket combo. The bases were more of the thin and crispy stonebaked variety than the thick sourdough type of base that is immensely popular in Bristol at the moment, I probably prefer the latter, but these were still very good.

‘Sweet and Tangy’ (with a Kerrie action shot) and the ‘Rock the Parma’

The vegetarian in our group gave the veggie options the thumbs up, albeit there were only two – the Rustic Classic (essentially a Margherita) and the ‘Sweet and Tangy’, which had goats cheese, sweet peppadew peppers and pesto. Becca  – our veggie – thought it would have been improved if they had roasted the peppers fresh, but Kerrie though this pizza was absolutely delish as it was and that the Peppadew gave a great kick. Personally, I have no idea on this one as I can’t stand goats cheese!! I did scoff some of the Rustic Classic though and that was enjoyable!

The only minor thing that we felt impacted our visit was our dining area, which was situated at the back, presumably to separate sports fans (there were a variety of games being shown in front of the pub) from the prosecco guzzlers. For the majority of our visit we were the only table in this area, and I’ve never been a fan of empty restaurants. Unfortunately this also meant we were still able to hear the television screens and spectators, particularly when someone scored – meaning it wasn’t particularly atmospheric. That said, with no one around it meant we could relax and it didn’t matter if our giggles became louder or more animated. When it comes to a prosecco lunch with the girls, I’d always dine somewhere overly relaxed than stuffy and pretentious.

Pizza and prosecco crew 🍕

Personally, for £25, even with the set up being a little confused, I don’t think you can go wrong with this deal at Sup & Chow. For this review, I decided to ask the girls to all give me their scores (in addition to opinions) and have averaged them below.

Everyone agreed that for what we had, it was phenomenal value! Pizzas there would normally cost between £9.50 and £13, so even if we’d only had the equivalent of one each (we didn’t, we had more), to only pay £25 per person inclusive of unlimited prosecco was a great deal. To have extra pizza was a brilliant bonus!

We had a great afternoon, with our tummies full without breaking the bank. We would definitely return!

Food: 8
Service: 7
Ambience: 6
Value: 9
Overall: 7.5/10

Where: 242 Bath Rd, Cheltenham GL53 7NB

Thanks for reading. And special thanks to Jen, Becca, Kerrie and Sarah for their contributions too 😊

Lizzie xx

Guest contributors Jen, Kerrie, Becca & Sarah

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    That sounds like a cool idea! Nice post 🙂


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